Broadcaster: Show TV
Pro. Company: ARC Film
Directed By: Cagri Bayrak
Cast: Sarp Leventoğlu, Pelin Akil, İnan Ulaş Torun, Cihat Tamer, Ayşe Kökçü
Duration: 27 x 43 mins. HD 2015


Demir is a very safe, intelligent and entertaining rich child. However, it is a character that does not make healthy relationships with women, does not try to understand them, does not know what responsibility is, and does not spend the day. He finished his school by his father’s force. Taking a life together with nature, travels and draws documentaries of nature. Nil is an idealist lawyer who pursues justice and truths. However, he has self-confidence problems and does not like herself as a woman. Bad luck unifies the paths of these two contrasting characters, and everything starts at this point !