Broadcaster: TV8
Pro. Company :Global Production
Directed By:Semra Dündar
Cast: Kaan Güvenilir, Solmaz Çiroz, Nurullah Şık, Çiğdem Tunç
Duration: 24 x 60 Min / HD - 2017


Is there eternal love? Think of two people, they are the first love of each other ... They promised not to leave each other no matter what as a child. Time has passed, someone has been a heartbreaking young man ... The other is a beautiful young girl with a beautiful heart. Like at the tables ... But the moment the life starts showing them their ruthless face, their love has begun to be tested. When it comes to livelihoods, ills, misfortunes, misunderstandings, our two lovers have to wake up from their dusty dreams ... This love story is in a warm neighborhood. A neighborhood full of fights, joys, amusements, sadness, love …