Broadcaster: Show TV
Pro. Company: Tükenmez Kalem Film
Directed By: Osman Taşcı
Cast: Kadir Dogulu, Burak Alkas, Halil Ibrahim Bagnur, Bukre Atala, Hazal Sener, Ayşegul Aldinc
Duration: 107 x 90 mins. HD 2012


The “DIRTY SEVEN” remain open for the fire in their high school they read. Mrs. Filiz places them in a special place. But his classmates do not like them at all and start calling them “suburbs”. Esma Sultan, who has a strong interest in the success index system of Kolej, starts a brand new life in his new school in the life of these seven students with the support of Hasan Pasha, assistant manager of gold, and Mrs. Filiz, although they do not want them to worry about lowering the grade average of their students. By the way all of them start their new lifes…