Production Company:Saygın Film & Serpil Altın Film
Directed By: Korhan Uğur
Cast:Atıf Emir Benderlioğlu, Ceren Benderlioğlu, Aydan Burhan, Yüksel Ünal, Erol Aksoy, Kyamran Agabalaev, Ergun Kuyucu, Mehmet Kurt
Duration: 90 mins. 2016


Ahmet abducts his ex-love Gul by wedding car on her wedding day. Ahmet also has a surprise for Gul. Gul is not the only person who was abducted. He abducts the groom, too. Ahmet did not make a proper plan for abducting Gul. He asks his brother to help so he can take her to his grandfather’s place in the village. Countless funny adventures take place on their way to his grandfather’s village