Production Company: Demtaş Yapım
Directed By: Özcan Deniz
Cast: Özcan Deniz , Deniz Çakır , Ayşen Gruda, Cezmi Baskın, Naz Elmas, Barış Falay, Özcan Deniz, Didem Erol, Janset Paçal
Duration: 105 mins. 2010


Adem and Didem have been married for seven years and stil love one another. But marriage has dulled Adem’s instinct for openly showing his love and concern. Didem, on the other hand, has lapsed into the discontended wife role, robbed of her self-confidence and free will. The one thing she clings to, the one thing that will revive her is her job. But she stil loves Adem a lot. All the same time, she readily followed Adem, uprooting to places that had only existed on maps before, and gave up her family, friends, career in the process. She now expects the same sense of sacrifice from her husmband. Its just then that the prince of another fairy tale strolls into this one. And it’s finally time to wake up…