Fantastic, Drama
Broadcaster: Fox TV
Pro. Company: Scor Films
Directed By: Cevriye Demir
Cast: Murat Han, Esra Ronabar, Ekin Koç, Demet Özdemir, Metehan Sezer, Su Burcu, Yazgı Coşkun
Duration: 51 x 45 mins. HD 2013


The Secret depicts the adventures of a group of friends with supernatural powers: Gürcan who can move things with his mind, Zeynep who can read minds, Tilki who can become invisible, and Aylin who can produce electricity with her fingers. On a stormy night, Sevgi wakes up and witnesses her daughter Derya being kidnapped. She goes to the police for help but soon loses hope as they can't find her. How will Sevgi's life change when she meets Kemal and tells him that her daughter can see the future? In the meantime, Mehmet will be swept away in a different direction when he realizes the difference between his son Gürcan and his friends. How will his and Sevgi’s paths cross? In order to survive and keep their secret hidden from bad people and nosey neighbors, they will have to pretend to be a family.