Drama, History
Production Company:Imagine
Directed By: Kursat Kizbaz
Cast:Furkan Palalı, Gürkan Uygun, Saruhan Hünel
Duration:115 mins. 2016 HD


Hamid is broken by the trauma of losing his father when he was very young. As a result of this pain he attends to a new group. Like other members of group he helps daily routins and stars baking bread. On the other hand he follows his science lessons closely. In a short time, he is the favorite of his teacher; Hamid is forced to accept a surprise marriage. Somuncu Baba Aşkın Sırrı, known as Somuncu Baba by the great thinker Sheikh Hamid-i Veli's life journey full of secrets and the adventure of searching for Divine Love is interesting. describes a road with a story. This film, directed by Kürşat Kızbaz, plays Furkan Palalı.