Production Company:Filmografi
Directed By: Hakan Şahin
Cast:Şerif Sezer, Mark Dacascos, Zeynep Beşerler, Burak Sergen, Sinan Albayrak, Başak Daşman, Muhammed Cangören,
Duration: 110 mins. HD 2010


“If two people know something, it is not a secret anymore.” The story begins with a true story: “The Hood Event”… On the 4th of July 2003, allied American forces come to the unofficial, half-secret Turkish headquarters consisting of eleven people. The Turkish soldiers assume that this is an ordinary visit from their allies. But this time it is different. In the changing conjuncture, America wants to be the only power “calling the shots.” To them, there is no place for Turks in the region any more… That day, eleven soldiers are deported with hoods on their heads with no respect for soldier’s honor or dignity in front of the region’s people… It’s all truth up to this point in the movie… In the story based on facts, Suleyman Aslan is one of those eleven soldiers. As first lieutenant, Suleyman can’t reconcile being insulted and surrendering without losing his honor. Therefore, he commits suicide and leaves a letter behind. The letter is addressed to Polat Alemdar… Polat Alemdar is a specially trained Turkish intelligence agent. Living for his missions, Polat Alemdar can’t ignore the will of his friend who committed suicide for the sake of his duty.He is in Northern Iraq with his men now. To die for, if needed…