Broadcaster: Show Tv
Pro. Company :MinT Motion Picture
Directed By: Korhan Bozkurt
Cast: Yağmur Tanrısevsin , Burak Hakkı , Ahmet Olgun Sunear,
Hatice Aslan , Samet Sırmalı ,Derya Şensoy Duration: 30 Epi x 45 mins.
HD 2016


A girl who is cut off from a baby’s family after many years later mets with her real family. Nehir starts work at thusband’s backyard without knowing that she is he real mother, Asu . Despite the girl he knew killed, Asu was unaware of this situation cause shw knew that her daughter died many years ago. Destiny brought mother and daughter together. A story about a woman who knew her daughter died and a beautiful girl who thinks her own mother is another woman…