Production Company: Düşyeri
Age Group: 3 - 6
Secondary Age Group: 6 - 9 Boys and Girls
Duration: 52 x 11 mins HD 2009


Endless green fields, joy and laughter! Pepee; a 5 year old boy living with his loving family and friends welcomes you to his world… During the little adventures of daily life Pepee learns shapes, colors, numbers with his friends as well as customs and traditions from his grandparents... With his sister Bebee, cousin Shila, grandparents and giraffe and monkey friends he also discovers the emotions, learns how to show them and deal with them. Educational content has never been so entertaining; an animation haracter was never loved this much. Thanks to his solid pedagogical background Pepee is not just a star, he is the opinion leader of the kids; an assistant to mothers.