Drama, Romance, Social
Pro. Company :Cedars Art
Directed By:Ahmad Shafik
Cast: Taim Hasan, Salah Abdallah, Yousra El Lozy
Duration: 70x45 Mins / HD


Nohman was a wealthy furniture-merchant who owned a furniture factory and many galleries in Domiatt. Nohman is married to Najla and they have together three daughters, and a son from a previous wife (now deceased) named Khaled. Khaled was autiftic. Yet, considering that Nohman aspired that Khaled conceives children. He organize an arranged marriage between Khaled and Karima; a good simple girl who promise to take care of him. Karima gets pregnant and Khaled Sifters conspire againft her and accuses her pregnancy to be extramarital. Unfortunately, Khaled with his limited mental ability believes his ftep mother and tries to kill Karima. Karima runs away pregnant with her child in her womb. Karima gives birth to a healthy baby (Kamal) and runs away to Cairo to raise him far from the Nohman family. After 25 years, during which she raised Kamal by herself and hid from him the reason why they lived far from the family. Until one day, she confront Nohman in the ı:ıresence of her son. This chocks Kamal deeply and deftroys his personal confıdence. Another Drama, no one was aware of is the 3 daughters of Nohman along with their hus­bands conspired to trick the DNA teft of Kamal with one of the nurse and which resulted that his teft was negative. The wheel of fortune rolls and the Nohman family falls into deep poverty crisis and which push the family to join forces and put aside their greed. Together they work through their personal issues and accept Kamal in the family - Will the Nohman Family survive all these crisis? Did Khaled really bum the family house? Many entangled conspiracies and ftruggles for power. The love and respect among the members of the family is essential to fore keep the family. A mission Kamal together with Nohman succeeds to achieve.