Tv Show
Production Company:Global Production
Genre: Lifestyle program
Duration: Daily Strip


Turkey’s number one health and lifestyle program which is aimed to reach Turkish women of various ages, the show is designed to reach woman and educate them about important issues. The content is mainly about health and everyday there are new topics and different doctors who talk about important health problems, diseases and also about how to live healthier and enjoy life to the fullest. Not only doctors are part of the show also beauty, creativity, cooking, cleaning tips and other things that might help todays modern Turkish women in their daily lives are part of the program. During the live broadcast the audience gets the chance to ask important questions to the doctors via telephone, twitter and also Instagram. There are also always interesting stories about history, religion and social media clips and events from all over the world. Next to its educational focus, the program helps people in need by supporting those who are in need of money for expensive medical treatments such as surgeries or medicine as well as equipment’s.