Tv Show
Production Company:Khurshid TV
Genre: Game Show
Duration: Daily, Prime Time


This program is a lottery stage show that the main point of this lottery is the transparency of the program that we can bring the trust of people by transparency lottery. In this program the mobile number is coming step by step from lottery machine and the people become emotion that when one of their mobile number is coming and waiting for next number in this time the program is very emotion for those who waiting for next number because they think that I will be the winner or one of their friends will be win the prize. In this program the chance is selected by mobile number and the people can buy the lottery ticket by mobile balance and we have 5 kinds of prizes in our message box database for example car,phone, motorcycle that when the people sending the message they can send it by code number of the items, that the price is designed by items There is no any fraud in this program and most transparency because all the mobile number doesn’t come in one time, it comes one by one and makes one mobile number and very trustable, This program is for 2 hours every week and will be live broadcast, the first 30 minute of this program is entertainment, in 30 minutes who doesn’t bought ticket during the week, they have time to buy in these 30 minutes and can involve for prizes. After 30 minutes the message box database become stop and the lottery program started. In every program we have one special guest from famous people that the guest run the lottery machine and announce the winner and the people also know the winner but the guest also announced the winners and said congratulation for winner.