Tv Show
Production Company:BES yapım
Genre: Game Show
Duration: Daily, Day Time


Bride in The Kitchen is a game show series which brides and mother in laws participated as a couple and complete against other couples in the studio.Every week day four brides have to make a meal based from the same recipe provided by the host. They have to finish with a certain period of time. While brides preparing the meal in the studio their mothers watch them on the screen and judge how they cook. When the time is up mother in laws taste the dishes without knowing which dishes belong to whom and score all the dishes between one and five. Over five days at the end of each day all the brides have to cook and get evaluated. On the fifth day there will be a final. The bride with the highest score will win five golden bracelets worth ten thousand liras. She and her mother in law will be stay on following weeks challenge. However who ever gets the lowest score will be eliminated and will be replaced by another couple following week. The main thing of the show is the brides and mother in laws win and lose together even though only the brides cook. Every week there is a new bride and mother in law team appearing on the show. They all try to wind and stay in the competition as long as possible to be able to earn more money. Brides in the kitchen is a studio cooking show but different from others since all the brides cook the same recipe at the same time which teaches different cooking technics. But most importantly it is reality show addressing the questions over the brides and their mother in laws can successfully combine their forces as a team only if they can will they be the winning with lots of gold