Drama - Action
Broadcaster: Show Tv
Pro. Company :Fark Film
Directed By:Kudret Sabancı
Cast: Onur Tuna, Huseyin Avni Danyal, Ruveyda Oksuz, Saydam Yeniay
Duration: 71 x 45 Min / HD - 2016


Ömer is living in a small village in İstanbul which everyone works as a fisherman. During his army duty while they were sailing suddenly they saw a boat with refugees from Syria. Unfortunately their boat was sinking and there was a little boy drowning in the water . Ömer jumped into the water to rescue the poor child. As a coinsidence their name were the same… Ömer took the family to the army ship and now they were in safe. Army let Ömer to go home 15 days before his discharge as a present.. Ömer was back in his home as a hero but he was schoked when he learned the truth.; A mafia group with international connections has begun to use Local fishing boats for the purpose of smuggling people, weapons and drugs. Some fishermen were forced to work for money, others blackmailed and forced to work in this network. Ömer, saw that his family and friends have lost their reputation, everything they have. He decided to start a war against this mafia formation. After years of returning to the neighborhood, the young and idealistic lawyer Berrin will be Ömer’s greatest supporter on this road. Tatar Ahmet and his son Iskender, who smuggle human beings, War merchant Harbi and the drug baron Gevaslı… In an operation where the brutal soldiers join the deep state head Mr.Enver. Ömer learns a secret that must be kept for life as a result of this operation. This secret will change Omer, his family, his neighborhood and his whole life.