Drama / Action
Production Company:INSIGNIA FILM
Directed By: Alper Caglar
Cast:Emin Boztepe,Cüneyt Arkın, Tolga Akdoğan, Emir Benderlioğlu
Duration: 115 mins. HD 2014


Kadir Korkut (Emin Boztepe) is 48 years old. He has been the right hand of Kara Cemal ( Cuneyt Arkın), a 70 year old leader of a criminal gang, the only ruler of Istanbul. They are reflections of each other; fearles, smart and frieghtening underground geniuses of different generations. Cemal is commanding and Kadir is killing. WEhen he walls in love with a blind woman Elsa Lund (Christina Gottschalk), he realizes that it’s time for him to leave this dog-eat-dog world. But the world has no loyalty for Kadir. Kara Cemal, whom he takes as father, betrays his adopt son , whom he takes his death angel, for the sake of his handless conspiracies. Kadir was poisoned by a chemical which will kill him in 6 hours. His only cure to live and to keep his beloved ones alive is the antidote that Kara Cemal is holding in his hands. This time he has to kill for Cemal to stay alive.This begins Kadir’s last night. An adrenalin storm through which time runs out and prices increase . The price of getting out of those criminals with Cem ( Tolga AkdoGan) a police spy beside him, is an absolutew confrontation. The story of the inevitable revenge of Kadir with criminals of the city as well as his past and conscience.